What We Do

No-Limits Access Network (NAN) provides long-term and persistent support to help young people achieve their potential irrespective of their behaviour, attitude or circumstances. There is a total commitment to the young person worked out in love as a determined act of will that looks beyond any challenging behaviour or attitudes into the real needs of the young person.

NAN works to resolve the educational and/or skills deficiencies resulting from interruption/disruption to their academic progress due to factors such as disadvantaged backgrounds, poor behaviour, illness, loss of a parent, loss of a child, teen pregnancy, post-abortion distress, etc.

NAN works with each young person and provides personalised holistic support, resourcing and practical help tailored to the specific needs of the young person. The support is not time-limited so as to provide stability and continuity for the young person.

In addition, NAN raises aspiration through visits, outings and opportunities that show the young person a world beyond theirs.

NAN provides skills that empower and services that the young people need to achieve including:

  Educational support – numeracy, literacy, and various subjects

  Mentoring and listening support

  Referrals and access to other services and facilities

  Life Skills – self-awareness and self-control, respect for authority

  Business Skills – presentations, interview techniques, writing, public speaking

  Assisting with applications for jobs, work experience, internships

  Financial Skills – money management, budgeting & saving

  Social Skills – social situations and formal group situations

  Visits to city firms or large organisations and outings

  Volunteering opportunities with charities