As a young person, I wish that ‘SOMEONE’ would:

  • Look beyond my behaviour to see my needs and fears
  • Love me enough to believe in me
  • Take the time to listen to me.
  • Go the extra mile to help me
  • Be committed to not giving up on me
  • Make the effort to encourage me
  • Give me the tools to change my life
  • Show me what I can become
  • Stop long enough to see my potential
  • Help me discover and develop what I am good at  

As a parent/guardian, I long for ‘SOMEONE’ to:

  • Help my child
  • Believe in my child
  • Encourage my child    
  • Give us hope
  • Show us the way
  • Listen and support
  • Understand
  • Find out what is needed
  • Point the right direction

No-Limits Access Network (NAN) is that ‘Someone’