About Us

No-Limits Access Network (NAN) is a charity working with young people to eliminate disadvantage in educational and skills attainment.

The work of NAN is underpinned by the Christian ethos of a selfless dedication that values all individuals and of love as an intentional decision to place great value on the needs of another. NAN supports all young people irrespective of race, gender, faith or sexual orientation.

Our founder has over 12 years’ experience as a volunteer Children and Youth Leader for a charity and has been a mentor for a Greater London Council program for secondary school students at risk of exclusion. In addition, she has worked for several years for large city firms, volunteering as a member of the Charity Committee and as a mentor and a tutor for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

These corporate programs are not set up to be holistic or personal or to provide continuity or longer-term engagement, so the students are usually taken on for a maximum of one academic year. These programs inadvertently tend to exclude the most disadvantaged young people who need a lot of support and dedicated commitment.

Our aim is to provide determined, committed, long-term holistic support tailored to each individual young person.